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Adam and the Metal Hawks

Adam and the Metal Hawks

Delivered with relentless raw power, massive rock riffs, and melodies, focus, passion, and ambition, Adam and the Metal Hawks captivate audiences in an instant the moment they hear or see them. Pure authenticity, this band is taking risks and combining hard rock roots with brilliantly punchy rhythms, enthralling lyrics, and vocals that leave listeners with goosebumps.

Addressing your inner anxiety, depression, fear, happiness, confusion Adam and the Metal Hawks is a musical exorcism that takes listeners away from the daily grind and reality. Adam and the Metal Hawks is currently releasing new songs and videos monthly and have plans to drop a full-length album in 2020.

John Barry (guitar), Alex Hertler (drums), and Ryan Daversa (bass) came together with vocalist Adam Ezegelian in 2018 on Long Island, New York. For those thinking Adam Ezegelian sounds familiar, that's because he was a Top 16 finalist on the 14th season of "American Idol.'' Bringing rock to the primetime hit reality show, made quite the impression throughout his time on the show. Three years later, he moved on and, of course, found himself alongside the other talented men who make up Adam and the Metal Hawks. Since coming together, they've appeared on Louder Sound, Philly Rock Radio, and The Shark. They've also been busy playing throughout New York. They've rocked out everywhere from New York City's Bitter End to Stereo Garden in Patchogue to Revolution in Amityville.

With every performance, they bring themselves 100%, and it doesn't hurt that they have a powerhouse on the mic. Adam's vocal range is next level thanks to a range and pitch that is unmatched in the current rock landscape. With their members ranging in age from 18-25, many would like to sit and discredit them, but they are old souls, and it shows in how they compose and execute their music. Fans of ACDC and Aerosmith, Adam and the Metal Hawks wanted to bring that level of rock back into the mainstream. That was the inspiration behind their latest release, "The Zeppelin Song." After watching the Grammys in 2018, they realized there were zero rock or hard rock bands performing. Wanting to bring it back, they immediately got to work on the track.

"The Zeppelin Song" is just the latest in a string of Fall 2019 releases. Their first being "Turn Around," a hard rock love song about an unsteady relationship that, with time, showcases immense growth. Not something often heard in the genre, but something Adam and the Metal Hawks wanted in their continuously growing discography. One that will continue to grow as they release new music with each passing month. With plans of an album and vinyl record in 2020, they’ll be solidifying their name in the rock realm. They will also be heading to a town near you with a national and international tour currently in the works.

With each member being a prodigy in their own right, they’ve proven in just two years what they are capable of, and they are just getting started. Real, raw, and passionate about what they do and those who appreciate it, they are a band of the fans for the fans.


Adam Ezegelian (vocals)
You may recognize Adam from his performances on American Idol where he was a semi-finalist. His energetic performance of “I Wanna Rock” was a season highlight and attracted the attention of Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider who tweeted him his seal of approval.
Adam is a also a voiceover actor appearing in “Pokėmon the Movie”, “Tall Tales from the Magical Garden of Anton Krings” and he plays the rock and roll gym leader Ryuki on “Pokėmon the Series” on the Disney Kids channel.
Adam was introduced to The Metal Hawks in early 2019 by one of band’s managers. They all felt an instant chemistry and asked Adam to join the band.
Adam lives in Wantagh, NY. His musical influences include Tenacious D, Areosmith and AC/DC.


Ryan Daversa (bass)
Music had been a part of Ryan’s life since he was a baby When an opportunity came along to sing in his first band, Metal Hawks, at age 14, he jumped at the chance. He started playing bass seriously two years later when his fellow bandmates, John and Alex couldn’t find a replacement bass player. He decided to become the band’s bass-playing frontman. Once Adam joined Metal Hawks as the lead singer in 2019 he began to focus on playing bass, but often sings backup vocals as well.
Ryan lives in Bethpage, NY. His musical influences include Rush, Van Halen and Metallica.


John Barry (guitar)
From a very early age all John wanted was to be in a rock band. He picked up a guitar when he was 8 and hasn’t been able to put it down since. At just 10 years old he started his first band, Metal Hawks, with two childhood friends who would later be replaced by his current bandmates. He met Ryan at a school talent show in 2014 and Alex in 2016 at a music store where they both took lessons.
John lives in Massapequa, NY. His musical influences are Van Halen, AC/DC and Iron Maiden.


Alex Hertler (drums)
Alexander Hertler was born in Queens, NY on November 26, 2000. At a young age, he wailed on the pots and pans, so it was no surprise that he took up the drums in elementary to high school, playing for the band, orchestra, and jazz band. He got his very first taste of playing rock’n roll when his fifth grade music teacher, Mr. Martinez, put together a rock band for the fifth grade prom. Needless to say, Alex was hooked. At the age of 12, he was recruited to the All Star Sam Ash Rock Band, and later that year was placed in the senior, teen punk band at The School of Rock. At 14, Alex teamed up with his friends, Harley, George and Caroline and started the band, Crash Landing. They wrote their first original song, “On My Own,” and played out, but unfortunately they lived up to their name and the band came to an end. During that time, Alex met Johnny, who introduced him to Ryan, and together they resurrected Metal Hawks. Alex is very thankful for his music instructors, Phil and Brian.

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